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For all your face-to-face career help, your local job centre is always an optiion. For details about finding a job centre or JobCentre Plus near you , we've added a straightforward directory, you can also use Google maps to find your closest jobcentre plus. Take a look at our jobcentre guide, and find out how to claim benifits, find a job or learn about jobcentre plus loans or alternativly to find a job centre close to you; simply choose your nearest town or city from the job centre list




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What is a career profile?

  • It's your online profile minus some of the personal details you want to keep private like your address, phone number and date of birth
  • It's stored at your own personal u4jobs URL and you control privacy and access in terms of who sees it and when
  • It's always current as the minute you update it online, the PDF version updates

Promote yourself by creating a good online profile. Your career profile could help you get that next promotion. Fill in as complete a profile as possible focussing on previous work experience and projects. Add a headline and In Brief and links to your blog or Twitter feed if they are work related. Use relevant keywords in your Headline and In Brief sections and customise your career with your name so it ranks well in Google.

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